The Cape Coral Cart Company – Makers of Utilacart®

Cape Coral Cart Company was founded in 2007 by Randy Dusharm. After relocating from Vermont, this lifelong craftsman recognized a need for a sturdy, well-made cart after watching people struggle with carrying all their wares to their perfect place on the beach.

beach cart display

Necessity is the mother of invention. Randy immediately knew that he could fill a valuable need that would make life easier for beachgoers, fishermen, shopping enthusiasts, working professionals and outdoorsmen.

That’s why the Utilacart was invented. Combining the ease of transport traditional utility carts offer with the space-saving convenience of a folding canvas chair, the Utilacart is the revolutionary way to move multiple cumbersome items quickly and easily.

Did You Know Every Utilacart is Made By Hand in The USA?

Each Utilacart hand cart is handmade on-site with painstaking attention to detail. After purchasing the necessary materials to construct the Utilacart, Randy and his friendly neighbor, Gary Gitler got busy designing and constructing Randy’s vision, and on their first attempt at realizing that vision, they nailed it!

What you see on this site is the brilliantly practical fruits of their labor. The Utilacart is made with passion for every small detail, and is strong, durable and possesses the true essence of craftsmanship in its presentation.

You can truly see that the Utilacart is the pragmatic culmination of years of tradesman experience, the ability to understand what folks need and carrying that vision out with the knowledge of functionality and a flair for design.

Randy and his wife JoAnn own and operate the Cape Coral Cart Company and they are passionate about the adventure of Utilacart. Presently, they travel to trade shows, showing off Utilacart and all of its myriad uses.

Each cart is made one at a time, carefully constructed to your specifications. Please take a moment to check out our testimonials page to find out just how useful and well-constructed Utilacart is.

We’re so proud of this product and know that when you own a Utilacart, you’ll be telling others about it too!

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