Utilacart® Features

utilacartEach lightweight Utilacart weighs only 12 lbs. and is proudly handcrafted in the USA, using 100% Acrylic Marine grade canvas that will not rot or mildew and other top quality materials for strength, durability, and rust resistance.

The heavy-duty frame is constructed of 7/8″ diameter, anodized, bright dip aluminum tubing with stainless steel hardware for long life. The overall cart dimensions are 40″H x 30.5″W x 10″H folded to fit easily in your car’s trunk.

Large 10″H x 3″W wheels glide easily over all kinds of terrain—from soft sand and soils, to rocks, tall grass, and uneven walkways and pavements, keeping your load high and balanced.



Utilacart Is Easy To Load and Unload

Utilacart features snug, friction fittings that allow it to stay wide open while it’s being loaded and unloaded. Open the Utilacart and load equipment into the base of the cart for balance before loading the back pockets (Beach cart and fishing cart models only).   When loading the cart be mindful that the load is not pressing the canvas on wheel.

The beach cart back panel has three pockets designed for beach gear.

  • Useful 22½”H x 6″W x 3″D long pocket can accommodate a folding beach umbrella and anchor
  • Versatile 14″H x 12″W x 3″D large pocket holds gear such as clothing, sandals, and hats
  • Handy 7″H x 12″W x 3″D pocket handles smaller personal belongings, such as a purse, keys, lotions, goggles and sunglasses

utilacartThe fishing cart back panel features four fishing rod holders and one long pocket.

  • The 22 ½”H x 6″W x 3″D long pocket accommodates an umbrella and pole holders
  • Four individual 11″H x 1½” diameter snap straps hold and secure four fishing poles or a mixture of poles and long handled nets

When unloading, reverse the loading process, by unloading the back pockets before the base of the cart. Always ensure good load balance to avoid tipping and possible injury. Cart load should not exceed 100 lbs. Not intended for transporting humans and animals.

Choose from eight vibrant fabric colors and two hub colors that fit your lifestyle and need.

Forest Green
Rich Burgundy

Yellow Hub
Gray Hub

Jockey Red
Sunflower Yellow
Marine Blue
Vibrant Orange
Pacific Blue
Swatch colors may vary depending on your monitor settings. Made with 100% Acrylic Marine grade canvas that will not rot or mildew. Various colors or embroidery are available by special order.

Personalize Your Utilacart With Custom Embroidery

Now you can personalize your Utilacart.  Add your name, your slogan, a custom logo or any lettering you like.   Click here to see examples of embroidery that we have done on customer’s Utilacarts.

Utilacart Care and Cleaning Instructions

Carefully brush off loose dirt and hose down on a monthly basis with clear water to prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric and eliminate more vigorous cleanings.