While we at Utilacart didn’t literally reinvent the wheel, but we certainly improved upon all previous utility cart. No, we’re not just blowing our own horn for the heck of it. We actually made old clunky utility carts more versatile, more durable and able to go where no other utility cart has gone before.

No, we didn’t use space age technology. We just used our brains and top quality parts, paired that with a lifetime of carpentry experience and the recognized need for a superior product.

So What Else Makes Utilacart’s Utility Cart So Special?

The practical genius of the design. Instead of simply meeting a utilitarian need, the creator of Utilacart based his concept on the demands of utility cart uses in a variety of capacities, and what he came up with were variations on one brilliant schema that transforms this folding utility cart into tailor-made Utilacarts which professionals and pleasure seekers can use alike.

What Kind Of Portable Utility Cart Do You Need?

Do you need a fishing cart? How about the professional cart that you can use to transport trade show materials and props? What about a camping cart to haul your tent, your provisions and whatever else you take to the site in one easy trip? Utilacart folding utility carts has a cart designed specifically for your needs. In fact, we have five!

  • Beach cart – Beach and recreational trips can now be navigated with no stress and no multiple trips. Makes carrying all your beach supplies a snap – carry coolers, umbrellas, radios and toys.
  • Fishing cart – Transporting irregularly-sized and shaped fishing supplies for boating and fishing excursions. The Utilacart fishing cart is a boon for sportsmen.
  • Camping cart – Utilacart is the absolute perfect solution for campers. Haul your tent and camping supplies such as sleeping bags, lawn chairs and even grills! Going to that outdoor concert? With one convenient motion, consolidate everything you might need: towels, baskets and umbrellas.
  • Shopping cart – Don’t struggle with bags from the mall or groceries from the supermarket. Consolidate all of your shopping items into one manageable load. With Utilacart, you no longer have to battle bulky loads.
  • Work cart – Perfect for business people, skilled tradesmen and sales reps alike, the Utilacart makes transporting your computer, tools and files an afterthought. Need to set up a display at the trade show? Use Utilacart to quickly, easily and conveniently move bulky, hard-to-handle items.

Customize Your Folding Utilacart With Your Favorite Design!

As a custom craftsman, the designer of the Utilacart understands that people adore unique, personalized items. That’s why we can hand-embroider any design you like on your cart. We also offer a variety of colors to choose from, all adding up to one unique, brilliantly-designed, individually-made folding utility cart which simply transcends all utility carts created heretofore.

So while we didn’t invent the wheel, we made it more aesthetically-pleasing and more useful…and we’re quite proud of that! Check out our product line and order your customized, handmade Utilacart today!