Utilacart – The Most Versatile Utility Carts Available

February 21, 2012

At Utilacart, our utility carts prove we care about handmade craftsmanship. We also believe in the value of a superior American-made product. That’s why we craft every one of our carts by hand. We recognized the need for a great utility cart when we were at the beach one day. It followed that we should […]

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The Folding Utility Cart That Improves Upon The Wheel

January 3, 2012

While we at Utilacart didn’t literally reinvent the wheel, but we certainly improved upon all previous utility cart. No, we’re not just blowing our own horn for the heck of it. We actually made old clunky utility carts more versatile, more durable and able to go where no other utility cart has gone before. No, […]

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