Utilacart® Work Cart – Ideal For Business People, Construction Workers And Sales Reps

If you are business person, carpenter or work in construction or an on-the-go sales rep, you know the challenges that hauling everything around can present. And because of that, you know the value of a time-saving way to get your things from point A to point B.

work cartAt Utilacart we recognized the need for a well-made professional work cart to help you get the job done.  That’s why we invented the Utilacart work cart. Combining the ease of transport traditional utility carts offer with the space-saving convenience of a folding canvas chair, the Utilacart is the revolutionary way to move multiple cumbersome items quickly and easily.

Made on location here in the U.S.A., Utilacart’s work cart is the premium answer for the professional who needs to carry multiple, hard to handle items to and from their work location. Completely handmade, this unique and attractive cart is meticulously detailed and designed to be strong, able to carry up to 100 pounds without a sweat.

work cart

Customize your Utilacart work cart with your company’s logo! We will custom embroider every cart to your design specifications. Just add it to your order during checkout!

The Utilacart Work Cart Is Made By People Who Understand Your Needs

A professional finish carpenter all his life, Randy Dusharm understands precisely what any pro needs on his or her job, and Utilacart is the brilliantly conceived solution to your logistical dilemmas. Made of sturdy canvas, it is built to order by hand, using domestic materials and American know-how. Randy is passionate about his work, and that passion is reflected in the superior craftsmanship on display with Utilacart.

work cartUtilacart Work Cart Carries:

  • Tools and water coolers
  • Trade show displays
  • Files
  • Boxes
  • Computers

Utilacart Work Cart – Built To Last, Just Like Your Career

This is no ordinary cart. Strong, lightweight (weighs only 12 lbs) and durable, the Utilacart work cart is the cure for your materials transport woes.

  • Lightweight; Strong; Durable
  • Portable – fits easily in most cars. 40″H x 30.5″W x 10″H folded
  • Rolls easily over most terrain
  • One year warranty
  • Affordable – starting at $119.95 (plus S&H)
work cart

We believe the results speak for themselves, but we also encourage you to visit our testimonials page to read what other satisfied and happy customers have said about Utilacart.