As the popular saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. That is to say, as things appear difficult in their current state, inspiration abounds to create a solution. That ideology has never been truer than with the adaptation of the fishing cart.

The moment you walk into a grocery store you are greeted by the aid of a cart. This allows you to pack an immense amount of provisions into one device allowing you to move effortlessly around the store, until all of your needs at met. You can use this same cart until you reach your vehicle, which is when you can kiss the sweet sanctity of transporting all of your items at once goodbye.

Someone realized along the way that this efficient and accommodating model should apply to other areas of life, like going to the beach, without making 87 trips back and forth from the sand to your car, in an effort to transport your items of enjoyment for the day. Your blanket, cooler, volleyball, snacks and beach towels can all be piled into the beach cart from the moment you exit the vehicle, and unloaded as soon as you find your preferred place in the sand. At the end of the day, the cart can be piled back up, and rolled back to the vehicle with ease, all in one trip.

A Fishing Cart Born of Necessity

Ingeniously someone decided ‘what if your version of a day at the beach was a day on your fishing boat’? And, Voila! Fishing efficiency is born! Fishing carts provide all of the same amenities of shopping or beach carts, which in the end is the sole ability to transport the most amount of stuff in the least amount of trips. Efficiency reigns supreme in these instances, but even more so with fishermen, and women.

The Utilacart® fishing cart will not only provide you with the portability and transportation necessities required by fishing enthusiasts, but it also provides specified spacing arrangements designed for fishing gear. Rods and reels are not simply piled into the fishing cart, as if it were a beach cart; they are placed in durable holding compartments to keep them steady, and out of harm’s way. Likewise, there is room for a fishing net, or umbrella pole in a connected, longer pocket.

Fishing carts should be constructed for durability, and capable of carrying tackle boxes, hot plates and coolers, all while rolling along effortlessly through sand, wood planked decks and piers, or concrete. Just about any terrain is traversable, thanks to the beautifully and intelligently crafted design of the large wheels, and easy to maneuver handle. The Utilacart fishing cart is all that and more!

Imagine loading your new cart with every imaginable item you will need for a day out on the water, without a second thought of leaving something behind, or having to double back, delaying your trip even further. This ingenious canvas construction provides not only the space and efficiency of an easy to use fishing carry-all, but it looks great and provides secure fastening capabilities for all of your prized fishing possessions.

Store Your Utilacart Fishing Cart With Ease

When your fishing cart is not in use, it folds up to a mere 40″H x 30.5″W x 10″H, total. This allows it to fit easily into any car, truck or van. In addition, its durable composition is designed with the water in mind. It can get wet without incurring damage, and wipes clean easily. Enjoy all the benefits of a Utilacart beach cart, with the specificity of your fishing passion in mind. No more piling expensive fishing accessories on top of each other, risking damage or loss. Simply separate your fishing items into the specified compartments, and roll your way to fishing efficiency!