When you’re making that checklist of items you take to the beach, it tends to fill up pretty quickly. It doesn’t take long before you realize that you’re going to be carrying quite a bit of stuff from your car to the beach. They’re usually quite a few bulky items, too. Coolers, beach chairs, umbrellas, radios – everything you want and need for a fun, enjoyable day at the beach.

About the only thing that can ruin your trip is making multiple trips from your car back to the beach. Who wants to spend their day off running across hot pavement? We invented the Utilacart because we saw the need for a cart specifically designed for, well, the beach!

Utilacart Beach Cart: Elegant Design – Brilliant, Stylish Colors

From design and hand-done construction right through to the array of brilliant, sunny colors and customizations we offer, the Utilacart beach cart is the ideal way to carry all of your beach supplies in one trip. As stylish as it is strong, we tailored our cart to easily haul items that are both regular and irregular.

Have you ever tried to carry an umbrella in your hand, a beach ball under the same arm and a radio hanging from the fingers of the other hand across hot sand and asphalt? You probably have. Plus, you still have more stuff to get in the car: your cooler, blankets, toys. With the Utilacart beach cart, there’s no reason to struggle.  The Utilacart is another way of saying one trip and done!

The Genius Of The Utilacart Beach Cart Design

Weighing in at only twelve pounds, the Utilacart features brilliant construction that makes use of optimized ergonomic features that turn a chore into a day at the beach.

  • The heavy-duty frame is constructed of 7/8″ diameter, anodized, bright dip aluminum tubing with stainless steel hardware for long life. The overall cart dimensions are 40″H x 30.5″W x 10″H folded to fit easily in your car’s trunk
  • Large 10″H x 3″W wheels glide easily over all kinds of terrain from soft sand and soils, to rocks, tall grass, and uneven walkways and pavements, keeping your load high and balanced
  • The beach cart back panel has three pockets designed for beach gear
  • Useful 22″H x 6″W x 3″D long pocket can accommodate a folding beach umbrella and anchor
  • Versatile 14″H x 12″W x 3″D large pocket holds gear such as clothing, sandals, and hats
  • Handy 7″H x 12″W x 3″D pocket handles smaller personal belongings, such as a purse, keys, lotions, goggles and sunglasses

And Don’t Forget Your Beach Cart Customization!

We also offer custom embroidery of your design on all of our carts, including our second-to-none Utilacart. Have a company logo you would like to individualize your cart with? We’ll hand stitch it. Just ask!