At Utilacart, our utility carts prove we care about handmade craftsmanship. We also believe in the value of a superior American-made product. That’s why we craft every one of our carts by hand. We recognized the need for a great utility cart when we were at the beach one day. It followed that we should tailor make carts for specific needs, utility carts which are suitable for a variety of jobs specifications.

Types of Utilacart Handcrafted Utility Carts

  • Beach Cart – Our folding beach cart can’t be beat for convenience, for durability and efficiency. Have you ever struggled carrying coolers, umbrellas, beach toys and radios in one load from your car and have to walk across burning sand in the process? You don’t need that trial by fire. With Utilacart’s versatile and ingenious folding beach cart, those days are gone. Built with attachments specifically suited for the beachgoer, you will be able to kick back and enjoy the sun instead of making multiple trips across hot surfaces.
  • Fishing Cart – As residents of Florida, we understand the need for the fisherman to have a highly durable fishing cart to transport gear, bait and tackle. The fishing carts we make at Utilacart, like our beach carts, are specifically designed to meet every need of the professional or casual fisherman. As with all of our utility carts, the fishing cart is handmade and stores conveniently because it folds. In addition to being a folding fishing cart, it comes with large wheels to better traverse a variety of surfaces like grass, sand, dirt, pavement and boardwalks with ease. It’s absolutely the best fishing cart you will find anywhere.
  • Shopping Cart – More and more often we find ourselves buying groceries in bulk at big box stores like Sam’s. Wouldn’t it be ideal to find a cart just for this purpose? The Utilacart grocery cart is the perfect answer for the need of a portable folding grocery cart. Handmade with the highest quality materials, the Utilacart folding grocery cart is the finest handcrafted cart you will find anywhere.

Handmade Folding Utility Carts? Utilacart Has Exactly What You Need

Utilacart makes a variety of carts for various professions and hobbies…and does so without rival and at an extremely affordable price. Don’t settle for less…and don’t get pushed around by salesmen who want you to compromise. Push or pull a Utilacart folding utility cart for the rest of your life. They last that long!